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There are lots of different ways to improve your home.  You can build additions or you can make home alterations or you can improve on what you already have.


Here at Decorum Designs we take a unique approach to improving your home, we take a look at the overall value of your property, we look at what you want and what home maintenance needs to be done, we look at your budget and we ask lots of questions.


When you're looking to make home improvements / renovations the best way to approach it is with a detailed plan.  You start with the idea of what you want to achieve and then go from there, listing the building materials, fixtures and fittings that you need, and a list of tradesmen.  Sometimes building this list can be difficult and a bit confusing and finding the resources you need when you need them can be almost impossible.


Decorum Designs aims to make the improvements process easier for you.  We make the list for you, we source the building materials, fixtures and fittings, and we provide you with suitably qualified tradesmen that you can trust to arrive when they need to.


Making decisions at planning stage will help keep your budget on track.  We compile all the prices into 1 quote and we make sure that every tradesmen includes what they are supposed to in order to achieve a completed task.


During the project we follow the budget and keep track of times frames.  We coordinate the renovation team so that they don't fall all over each other or end up standing around wasting time.  We make sure that the building materials are on site when they should be.


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